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Sept 21 , 2008

In the beginning, the fires of enthusiasm raged hot and wild...

Progressively, however, the shuffling monstrosity known to some as REAL LIFETM would repeatedly and obsessively assault the fire pit with deluges of liquid 'more important things'. Many of our small tribe were afflicted thusly and the last few who held out were able to make progress on their creations. Alas, in the end, the final number did not sufficiently add up to a quantity that would validate the usual type of release.

Thus we find ourselves gathered around the sputtering firelight, gumming stories at each other about the years past when the act, and art, of creation was a white hot river of constantly flowing content. We shall rest here, halfway in the dreamtime, until such a day comes that we shake the detritus of time from our bodies and yet again assault these keyboards and mice in the pursuit of our own personal visions of beauty.

UCMP5 is cancelled. The lucky few teamembers who escape the ravages of REAL LIFETM will be releasing some of their proposed UCMP5 products to those who deign to snatch them from these ethereal tubes. However, they will not carry the UCMP monikor and will be the sole responsibility of their author.

Please believe us when we say that this was a difficult decision. We have loved the community since we were unreal infants, feeling our way around the editor, half-blind, until we smacked ourselves in the head by walking straight into an HOM. The community has supported us more strongly than we had ever hoped for. Bouyed by this support we created four packages of varied content and it was all achieved through the fraternity between us, as a team, and between the community and the UCMP.

We will keep the website and the forums up, but until someone decides something different... there will be no furthur content from the UCMP as the UCMP.

Thank you to the community that played what we made, thank you to the UCMP members who are no longer with us, thank you to the testers, artists, and people who have helped us, thank you to the sites that hosted and distributed our content, and thank you to the UCMP members now.

There are few things in my life that I am more proud of than the time spent with the people here and what I've learned from each person here.

Thank You



July 08 , 2008

The forums are back up. Finally.

I am sad to say that we lost a lot. Practically everything in fact. So everyone will have to re-register. In addition, The url has changed, so please reset your bookmarks.

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Jun 30 , 2008

For those attentive folks out there I'm sure have noticed that our forums are down. We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to some Time, Equipment, Knowledge, and other probles, the resolution is not occuring as fast as it may.
Please be assured that we are working on it and hope to have it back up soon, although there is no firm date planned.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


Jan 01 , 2008

It's a new year, there's a new UT, and now....

There's a new UCMP.

Click the image for a fuller-sized version.

We're starting up UCMP5 for Unreal Tournament 3. We're in the midst of carefully constructing a towering edifice consisting of a rough schedule, some greymapped geometry, some concept research, and more. We eventually hope to erect another community-pleasing quality product upon the wings of this construction.

However, to do so, we need your assistance. We're currently looking for some 3D artists who can help bring in some custom content. We're not looking for beginners, but you don't have to be experts either. We're a team that builds skills together and has a fun time doing it and we would expect the same. If you are interested in helping us out, please visit our forums. We'd like to see your portfolio/previous work and we've set up a place for you to post such internet-based information. We've also posted some extra information about what we would expect and hope for.

In the meantime, we suppose you're wondering when it will be done? All in good time.



May 06 , 2007

The UCMP has switched forums again.

If you're a returning member, please re-register and we'll get you set back up asap.

If you're new to our forums, please sign up. We can help with Level Design, UEd, Maya, Max, and Photoshop questions if you need. We don't know everything - just some stuff. Smile!



March 27 , 2007

And so the individual map releases have begun.

The frothing bits and bytes of individual maps have been loosed from their UCMP cage and are now, as we speak, descending upon the interweb.

It's up to the individual authors to release and promulgate their own creations. But as soon as the UCMP is aware of their releases, and links are available, they'll be provided to you on the UCMP4 page listed, conveniently, under their appropriate maps' section.

Share and enjoy!



March 14 , 2007

BeyondUnreal Reviews UCMP4!

Some of the staff over at BU have taken some time from their busy schedules and have put together a review of the UCMP4!

Thanks for taking the time to do it, and thanks for the final score of 7.5!

Read the review HERE!



March 07 , 2007

Through the further kindness of strangers...

Even more people have been kind enough to mirror us! Thanks to StrategyInformer and to UnrealPlayground for their support. It's much appreciated!

Also, the fine folks over at Titan have added some UCMP maps into a few of their servers. Thanks guys!

And thank you to those people who have purchased items at our store. If you haven't at least taken a look, please do. And remember - after Cafepress takes their cut, the rest of it goes to supporting the costs of the site. Thank you!



March 05 , 2007

Through the kindness of strangers...

We've added new mirrors to the downloads page. FileFront, and have mirrored us. Thank you!

Also, if you're thirsty for some online DM action, the people over at (Co30) have added the maps to their server rotation. Thank guys!

The response to our last UT2004 mappack has been fantastic. Thanks to all of you who have given it a try!



February 25 , 2007

And thus The Trilogy Is Complete...

The UCMP team is proud to release our last mappack for UT2004. Over the past three years a shifting team of over 30 contributors has created 44 maps for you. We'd like to thank you for your support over these past three years. We're all very grateful.

As mentioned previously, this package contians 6 maps: 2 CTF and 4 DM. We hope that you enjoy playing them.

Almost like muscular reflexes, we've also put together the customary wallpaper and loading screen packages for you to download and enjoy. They're in the downloads section of the website.

We've also got a surprise for those who have been UCMP-deprived. If you haven't tried any of our mappacks, we've put together a massive compilation of all of them. 44 maps in on file weighing in at 567 MBs. Broadband-only need apply, it goes without saying.
We've done the same thing with our wallpaper and loading screen packages so please enjoy those as well.

If you put any of the maps on servers, please send us the IP's and we'll put them up on the website so people can find them. Either email them to or post it on our forums:

Finally, we have a humble request: the hosting costs have piled up over the past three years. If you loved any of the content we've put out, we would appreciate it if you'd peruse our revamped UCMP Store at CafePress and help contribute to our bandwidth costs. All proceeds go directly to off-setting the cost of the website.

Thank you again for your support. We'll see you in UT3-land!



February 25 , 2007
The UCMP Team will complete the announced UCMP4 Mappack very soon.

Once again the team presents a mappack heavily tilting toward CTF and DM maps: Two CTF and Four DM maps comprise this package, and screenshots are, as always, presented below.

In accordance with our ancient rituals, we also have a promotional video available which can be found here: Downloads and here on the magical Tube: YouTube.

So once again we are poised to bring you fresh, hot steaming content. It'll be done cooking soon.


September 17 , 2006
Insite has been kind enough to complete their review of the DM & DOM portion of the UCMP2!

After ruminating long on its varied intricacies (from Nov 2005 to present, according to T2A) and after exhausting three seperate reviewers, they boiled their observances down into one hot steaming bowl of score: 7.5.

Thank you Insite!

Read the review here.

August 14, 2006
On July 31st, the article at BeyondUnreal about UT2007 arriving in 2007 got the UCMP team thinking. Neurons fired and, as we talked about it more, seratonin levels rose. The eventual result was that this news stirred the UCMP design glands into a small, but contained, firey frenzy.

The UCMP team has decided to leap, with frothing, wild-haired abandon, into the breach once more. We have seduced a few new members into our desperate design ranks and have begun work on one... last... UT2004... Mappack.

We had three mappacks in us, and here comes the fourth. From whence it comes no one knows, but the scaffolds are up and the tarps flutter in the wind.

For now, however, that is all.

And it is enough.

July 15, 2006
BeyondUnreal has been considerate enough to write up a handy-dandy Review of the UCMP3! Giving it a respectable 7.6 out of 10.

They touch on each map in the pack from three different perspectives and round it out with a hearty reccomendation of:

If you haven't already, make sure you download this pack for some good old-fashioned fraggin' fun. Enjoy!

Thank you once again BeyondUnreal!

June 10, 2006
The UCMP is delighted to Release our 3rd and final mappack for UT2004!

Containing 6 maps, the mappack brings you to tropical island shores in IslandStrike, a desalinization plant in Tidal, a high-flying arena in Altitude, an unidentified industrial plant in Gantham, a former water evaporation facility in Glorian, and erm, somewhere industrial/temple-like in Sympathy.

To get the mappack, visit the Download page for lists of available mirrors. We'll add more as they roll in.

If you're wondering 'What's all this then?' you can view screenshots of the maps on the UCMP3 page or visit our Download page to download the promotional video showing off the maps.

As always, you can get all our Volumes' 1 & 2 content from the Download area, and view screenshots on the UCMP & UCMP2 pages.

We hope you enjoy the maps, and please do give us feedback, or just say 'hi' on our Forums. We'll post servers where you can play UCMP3 maps as soon as we learn about them so be sure to let us - and the rest of the community - know too!

Help keep the UCMP site going with a donation to the UCMP bandwidth fund through either Paypal, or our swanky UCMP Store. Thank you.

June 3 , 2006
The UCMP is happy to announce our 3rd mappack for UT2004. It's coming soon...

For a sneak peek, check out the UCMP3 page for screenshots of the upcoming maps, or visit our Download page to get a copy of the video showing off the maps.

As always, you can download all our past content from the Download area, and view screenshots on the UCMP & UCMP2 pages.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming works, and don't forget to sound off on our Forums. We'll post servers where you can play UCMP maps after the release so be sure to let us - and the rest of the community know too!

Help keep the UCMP site going with a donation to the UCMP bandwidth fund through either Paypal, or our swanky UCMP Store. Thank you.